Flymove Dianchè BSS GT Cube by Bertone

Flymove introduces the new fully electric supercar Dianchè BSS GT Cube designed by Bertone.

The return of one of the most important design brands in the automotive world of all time, making the car history since 1912 and now finally coming back to the place that it deserves. A supercar designed to define new levels of style and performances. Today the most advanced EV supercar in the world, available in very limited production number only, for selected group of passionate collectors. Come to discover Dianchè BSS GT Cube and you will be thrilled by an exclusive and unparalleled level of excellence, like never seen before.

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Dianchè GT: when design and technology achieve the top

Dianchè GT model has been conceived and designed by a team of passionate professionals who decided to set a new reference in the world of Sports Cars and of EV supercars in particular. Dianchè GT supercar has been designed by Carlos Arroyo Turon and his team, according to precise technical requirements and mainly respecting the Bertone's design criteria and tradition.

Dianchè cars are hand-crafted in Italy by technicians and workers with very long experience, coming from years of work, innovation and competition with the most important motor-sport brands in the world.

Dianchè GT Cube is equipped with both fast recharge and battery swap systems, to guarantee the owner the maximum driving range available, and are equipped with the Flymove's innovative and proprietary  'EVE' digital mobility platform.

Performances at the top of the category - speed up to 350 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2,2 seconds – make the Dianchè GT cars suitable for any sport competition without having to fear to compete with anyone.

Discover Dianchè GT Cube, and find how much it fits with your dreams.

Dianchè BSS GT Cube: probably one of the most performing EV super-cars in the world

Dianchè GT: astonishing performances



Design Flymove Bertone

Seats 2

Engines 2 x 300 kW (front + rear)

Drive 4 WD

Power 600 kW / 804 CV

Battery 150 kWh

Speed 350 km/h

Performance 0-100 km/h 2,2 secs.

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Terms of sale:


- Price upon request.

- Only 9 one-off units available in the world.

- Reservations are assigned in chronological order and are definitely confirmed by Flymove only once advanced payment received.

- Interiors materials and colours, also external, are customizable upon request.

- Owner can personally follow construction of his car at Flymove workshop in Italy.

- Cars are delivered at Flymove’s Racing Circuit in Italy for a three day test and practice drive together with our professional sport pilots.

- Guarantee 5 years - Maintenance and technical support at owner's location included.


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