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Flymove: the new player in the future of mobility

Introducing Flymove Holding

The Flymove Dianchè "Smart Mobility Platform" has been developed by Equiventia Capital Partners (ECP), an Italian company based in Padova operating in advanced industrial investments. ECP has entrusted Flymove Holding Limited, a Newco based in London specifically created for such purpose, with the responsibility to promote the initiative at a global scale. The organizational chart of Flymove is structured across several Divisions: Finance, Design, Energy, Point of Energy, VTOL, Dianchè Cars, Motorsport and Services.

Flymove has been incorporated in London. However, in the first months of 2019, Flymove Italia will be created and headquartered in Milan and the various firms comprising the group as well as Flymove’s technological partners will place representative offices at this venue. Most importantly, it will also become home to the new Flymove and Dianchè Bertone Design Centre, employing numerous people coordinated by top designers.

The Bertone heritage

Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the French corporation AKKA Technologies, Flymove obtained, through its subsidiary company Officine Moderne Srl, a global and multi-year exclusive license for the use of the brand Bertone. Such internationally-renowned design and engineering trademark will be used for the development of Flymove’s new ‘Dianchè’ line of EV City and GT Cars, equipped with the BSS patent. Flymove and Equiventia established other subsidiaries to control and manage specific activities within the Flymove initiative.

Flymove also established several partnerships with firms at the technological fore-front in order to guarantee a more comprehensive set of strategic technologies in the Flymove package. Thus, including greater competencies in advanced materials, renewable energies, digital platforms and services. The Motorsport Division will find its natural home at the Adria International Raceway, where the Flymove team will be able to develop and test on- site its Sport & GT Cars.

The Smart Mobility Platform

A new concept of mobility for the Smart Cities of the future

Flymove Holding introduces the new "Smart Mobility Platform".

With the newly-designed “Dianchè” cars, Flymove marks the return of the Bertone brand in the Automotive industry, breaking into the future of mobility: full-electric vehicles.

Flymove sealed partnerships with strategic Italian firms at the fore-front of the technological development, giving birth to the first wholly-Italian initiative in the landscape of International Mobility.

A highly innovative and competitive package, comprising the development of a network of revolutionary service stations equipped with the production of on-site renewable energy to power an innovative battery swap system as well as standard recharge for EV vehicles. The stations will serve both land and aerial full-electric vehicles: Flymove is also deeply committed to engage within the Vertical Mobility for Smart Cities and is currently developing a revolutionary e-VTOL BSS aircraft to be presented in 2019. Flymove will officially introduce its own car proposals, such as the new City Car Cube and the top car GT Cube, a one-off full electric.  All models are branded “Dianchè by Bertone” and equipped with an innovative and rapid battery swap system (BSS). Furthermore, Flymove is introducing its Motorsport Division and Racing Team planning to participate at international motorsport events.


Smart Mobility Platform is the only integrated and sustainable reality in the mobility world market up to date. It places Italy among the absolute excellence in a sector with radical industrial potential in the coming decades.

Coming soon:

the new Dianchè Bertone BSS City Car Cube

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